Gorgeous Baby L’s 2 Months Old Session- Baby Photographer West Hartford, CT

This past weekend, I was invited to photograph a 2 month old baby boy and his family at their home. Two month olds can be a real challenge for photo shoots because they are no longer sleepy and easy to move around like most one week old newborns usually are. So I came prepared to have a wide awake baby, which was pretty much what we had for almost our whole session! He did doze off a few times though, which allowed us to grab several peaceful, sleeping baby shots. The key was that once he fell asleep, he could not be moved AT ALL!! And I was happy to stick with that plan in exchange for his sleep cooperation:-) So  I was very thrilled to have gotten a great mix of sleepy baby, awake baby, & family shots in my time there. Thank you again to Baby L’s mom & dad for inviting me to capture this wonderful time in their family’s life. Here are my top favorites from our session:

The next shot is a close up of his perfect little features….aren’t babies so amazing?!

We even got grandma in on the photos. Doesn’t she just look completely in love?:-)



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