Amazing Natural Light Newborn Session- Newborn Photographer Connecticut

Last week, I shot a newborn session mostly in a sunroom that had these huge windows with light filtering blinds on them….I know, I know…why would anyone care to hear about this boring detail? Well, these windows allowed me to create the same look with natural light that is typically created in a studio by placing your subject in front of a soft box light. Not my usual style, but when I was a studio photographer, my favorite shots were always the ones shot in front of the soft box. It basically makes everything behind your subject glow in a bright, soft white light. It is heavenly….and it is almost impossible to do at your average home because most windows aren’t wide enough to fill the frame around your subject. So today, you will get to see my favorite style of “studio” style shots mixed with some more natural photos that reflect my typical style. Although this beautiful little angel gave us all a run for our  money that day by refusing to sleep for 2 whole hours, these gorgeous shots of her snoozing away peacefully were definitely worth the wait! Here are some of my favorites from our session:


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