November Family Session at Wethersfield Cove- Family Photographer Wethersfield, CT

Here is my latest session shot a couple of weeks ago at Wethersfield Cove in Old Wethersfield. I am really enjoying shooting photos here…the barn, the water, the light….it is all just perfect. The L family chose this location to update their family photos which they have been wanting to do for a while now. This session will be the last one they will do before their son heads off to college, so they were really hoping to capture their family one more time before one of their little babies leaves the nest:-)

I typical find that most of my sessions involve families with young children. It seems that as children grow older, have more activities, and less interest in participating in family portraits, many parents just let go of the annual family photo session. This is such a mistake because I know for a fact that it will all pass by WAY too fast and those family photo sessions will be one of the treasured memories you have once your kids grow up and are off on their own. I am so thrilled when I meet a family like the L family who decides to make that family session a priority to capture their family as it is with teenagers and all. Here are some of my favorites from our session:


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