The N Family Session- West Hartford Family Portrait Photographer

As is common in October, my time becomes really limited due to it being my busy season and I often take a break from posting on my blog while I try to keep up with all my shoots. But today, I have a few free minutes, so I’d love to share some photos that I’ve recently taken. This was a family that I met and photographed for the first time. The weather and foliage were perfect that day, so we were super lucky to have our first shoot together that day. Here are a few of my favorites from our session:

kathryndeane-1 kathryndeane-2 kathryndeane-3 kathryndeane-4 kathryndeane-5 kathryndeane-6 kathryndeane-7 kathryndeane-8 kathryndeane-9 kathryndeane-10 kathryndeane-11 kathryndeane-12

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