Baby Boy- Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Newborn photographer West Hartford, CT

Last week, I had a very fun newborn session with just about the most easy-going baby I’ve ever met! He was a perfect model for his very first photo shoot and we got to do all kinds of fun outfits and setups with him. These are only just a few of the ones we did, but these are some of my favorites from that day….


Elegant Clinical- Business/Non-Profit Photographer Harford, CT

Recently had the opportunity to photograph some wonderful individuals at Elegant Clinical, a vocational center for adults with special abilities. This was my second time shooting at Elegant (this time at their brand new location!) and each time I feel so blessed to have the chance to work with their staff and their clients. They are all so welcoming to me and it is just fantastic to capture the joy and the positive work being done at this facility. Here are a few of my favorite photos from our recent shoot…


Corporate Head Shots- Financial Advisors- Hartford, CT

I recently had a session with some new financial advisors who have joined a firm that I worked with last year. We were able to get them each a new professional head shot to add to the company’s website and some images for them to use on Linkedin as well. Here are the final images chosen by each advisor…



The N Family Session- West Hartford Family Portrait Photographer

As is common in October, my time becomes really limited due to it being my busy season and I often take a break from posting on my blog while I try to keep up with all my shoots. But today, I have a few free minutes, so I’d love to share some photos that I’ve recently taken. This was a family that I met and photographed for the first time. The weather and foliage were perfect that day, so we were super lucky to have our first shoot together that day. Here are a few of my favorites from our session:

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Senior Portrait Session- Senior Portrait Photographer West Hartford, CT

Last week, I had the opportunity to shoot a senior portrait session for the daughter of one of my regular clients. She is such a sweet, beautiful girl and I really love the way her session turned out. Since photography is her hobby, she brought along her camera and we took some really fun photography shots, which I love! Here are a few of my favorites from our session:

Cake Smash Session- West Hartford 1st Birthday Photo Sessions

One of my returning clients brought her second daughter over for a cake smash session last week to celebrate her upcoming 1st birthday. Cake smash sessions with a baby who enjoys the cake are truly one of the most enjoyable things anyone could do and still somehow call it work. This little angel REALLY enjoyed her cake and she was all smiles for her shoot. I love photographing kids at this stage because they are old enough to be interactive with you and the camera, yet still young enough that they are 100% natural in front of the camera. Every shot is pure, real emotion every time and when a baby is loving his or her cake, that emotion is joy! I think I smiled for the entire time that I edited these shots. Here are a few of my favorites:


The E Family Session- West Hartford Family Photographer

I had a session last week with one of my returning clients, who’s daughters I’d photographed for the first time last fall. This a very gorgeous family, so it is basically impossible to take a bad shot of them 🙂 Here are a few of my favorites (especially the one of the sisters cracking each other up! I love those little pauses in between the poses that allow for those special moments to occur) …

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