Modern, Fresh Looking Head Shots for Professionals of All Ages- Head Shot Photographer- Hartford, CT

Who says head shots have to be boring?! I can tell you now that I definitely don’t believe that to be true….so here is my take on the fresh, modern looking head shots that we all should have going forward… No more stuffy, tie dyed looking grey backdrop with an unflattering, uncomfortable pose. No thank you….not anymore. Here is the recipe for what I think head shots should be all about in 2014:

1) A portrait client who is willing to step outside of the box and show their personality on camera.

2) A photographer skilled in taking crisp, focused photos while being able to talk you through a variety of flattering poses…oh and one that can make you laugh when you are feeling awkward in front of the camera….this is actually much more important than you might think!

3) An interesting, natural backdrop mixed with ideal lighting in a fresh new setting….preferably at sunset!

Mix those together and you get these….perfect for work, Linkin, Facebook, Twitter, a website, dating sites, and the list goes on and on. If you don’t have a great shot of yourself like these, then call me ASAP and let’s get that corrected. Here are a few of my favorites from my recent head shot session:

kathryndeane-1kathryndeane-7kathryndeane-8kathryndeane-6 kathryndeane-5 kathryndeane-4 kathryndeane-3 kathryndeane-2I’ve got mad comedy skills….look how hard he is laughing at me! 😉


Head Shots for Kids- Acting and Modeling Head Shots West Hartford CT

Recently, I received a photography request from a talent scout who had two local girls in need of some great head shots for auditions they will be attending next weekend. He was seeking out a photographer who could provide his clients with really clean, natural head shots that would highlight the child’s smile and natural beauty without any distracting backgrounds, makeup, artificial lighting, etc. Since this matched my style exactly, I was really excited to have the opportunity to work with these adorable little girls. Having worked for some time in the modeling industry, I knew exactly what the agents would be looking for in a head shot. So excited to finally get to put my modeling industry knowledge to good use:-) Here are some of my favorites from our session:

kathryndeane-1 kathryndeane-2 kathryndeane-3 kathryndeane-4 kathryndeane-5 kathryndeane-6 kathryndeane-7 kathryndeane-8 kathryndeane-9 kathryndeane-10 kathryndeane-11 kathryndeane-12 kathryndeane-13 kathryndeane-14 kathryndeane-15 kathryndeane-16 kathryndeane-17