Cigna Professional Corporate Head Shot Session- Head Shots Hartford, CT

Just doing a little catch up on the blog today and thought I’d share some samples from a recent session I did with Cigna in Bloomfield at their training headquarters. Cigna contacted me to come in and shoot head shots for 30 of their employees who were attending a leadership conference here in Connecticut. The goal was to get a high quality, professional head shot for each person that could be used to help build their image as leaders in their insurance industry. I was so pleased with the results and truly enjoyed working with each and every person I met that day. Here are just a few samples from the shots I took that day:

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An Architect and Casual Business Portraits- Corporate Headshots- West Hartford, CT

Last week, I met up with Michael Kilkelly who is the owner and head architect at Space Command architecture in Middletown, CT. Michael contacted me to get a series of casual, creative headshots to use on his new business website. I was really excited to do this shoot with him for a couple of reasons:

#1) my business is heavily concentrated on women, babies, children, families, etc. And though there are frequently men present at my sessions, it is rare that they get much camera time. So having an hour to just shoot with a man is a great opportunity for me to shoot with a more masculine perspective, which I love doing.

#2) I have become kind of obsessed with the belief that everyone, in every profession, should have a high quality headshot taken of themselves. This is particularly critical for anyone who owns a business of their own. When you put in all of the work it takes to create a website, it is just crazy to not have a professional, high quality photo of yourself on there.

I think there is a misconception that headshots have to look like a mugshot, up against a boring backdrop while sporting a stuffy business suit. The truth is that this is becoming less and less common in the workplace. It is much more common now to see a more relaxed, artistic photo that is better able to convey a person’s individual style and personality. When Michael contacted me about photos, he knew that he wanted photos that looked professional, but that showed his creative, unique style as well. Prior to our session, we shared inspiration photos and wardrobe ideas via Pinterest and then selected locations that would help us achieve the look we were hoping to capture. As always, I find that a critical part of the relationship between photographer and client is this type of collaboration and advance planning. It is what makes it possible to achieve a vision like we did with this session.

The samples I am sharing today show you the type of variety that I strive for with a business portrait session. This session proves that corporate headshots don’t have to be stuffy and boring. Business portraits can be fun, creative, and unique while still being professional. If you don’t have shots like this for your website, blog, Linkedin profile, company bio, etc, you need to call me right away and book an appointment. Just say no to blurry photos taken by your friends or spouse. Instead, say yes to photos like these:-)……

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If you are looking for a creative, experienced architect, here is some more info about Michael and his work:

Michael Kilkelly is the owner of Space Command, an architecture firm in Middletown, CT. Space Command focuses on beautifully designed and thoughtfully detailed residential and light commercial projects. A graduate of Norwich University and MIT, Michael recently moved back to New England after seven years in Los Angeles. While in LA, Michael worked for the renowned architect Frank Gehry on a number of high-profile museum and theater projects. Though he misses living near the beach, Michael is happy to have four seasons back. Michael can be reached via email at michael@spacecmd.comor through his website (