Portraits in Blue Back Square- Portrait Photographer in West Hartford, CT

This past Saturday, I had three fantastic portrait sessions that I hope to post over the next several days. My first client was looking to get some updated head shots and portraits for professional and personal reasons, so we decided to meet up for a fun session in West Hartford’s Blue Back Square. There were so many cool doorways, stone walls, and stairways to work with that we had plenty of locations to choose from. The best part was that he is really into film, so we got to do some cool shots at the Criterion Theatre as well. It was so great to work with someone who is taking the initiative to hire a professional photographer to help polish their look and present themselves in the best light possible. Between websites, blogs, online dating, Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, etc, there are dozens of ways that we are connecting with people via the internet and photos now. Unfortunately, it has come to the point where many times you are being judged by how you appear online before someone has ever even met you! There is a lot of pressure to look attractive, approachable, professional, fun, etc, etc, etc…..So it makes sense that more and more people are turning to professional photographers to help them polish and present their image. I think it is genius and it has me thinking very seriously about hiring a photographer to do my own photos soon! So here are my top favorites from our session: