The S Family Session- Family Portraits West Hartford, Connecticut

I always love when I get to photograph my friends and their families, so I was very happy to have one of my good friends from college come up this past weekend for a photo session with her husband and their two beautiful little girls. Despite the very chilly temps, we were still able to get some great photos of the family and the girls as well.

Here are a few of my favorites from our session together:


Toddler Photo Shoots- Child Photographer West Hartford, CT

Photo shoots with toddlers are always the most unpredictable of all shoots…as is anything when it comes to toddlers! So I go into these sessions completely open to following the experience as it flows. No preconceived notions about ideal shots, poses, or specific locations in mind. I basically let the child lead the session and keep an open mind and quick feet throughout. This recent session I had with an adorable toddler boy and his parents was exactly that type of session. We just rolled with the wave of what he was feeling, or not feeling, in that moment….and I am so thrilled with the results!! He was so just so cute and full of curiosity and energy. I loved being able to capture all those genuine emotions in these photos…Here are a few of my favorites:

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