Communion Photos- West Hartford, CT

Just had a communion session last week and these are always one of my favorite types of sessions. I love shooting in an empty church when everything is quiet and calm. The way the light filters in through the windows….it just makes you feel that special connection to God that you don’t often feel in other settings. I also think it is so nice to be able to do these photos on a different day than the actual ceremony. There is always so much going on that day and so many distractions. It is nice to take the time on a separate day to focus just on the child and his or her special moment in time. Here are a few of my favorites from this particular session:


First Communion Session- Communion Photography West Hartford, CT

There is no better way to get fantastic photos of your child for his/her first communion than to book a professional photo session PRIOR to the actual communion day. This allows you the freedom to shoot a series of photos through the church (if allowed) and also the outside areas, without having to wait in line behind all of the other families who will each be scrambling to take photos in all the best spots. This shoot that I am highlighting today was done exactly this way and we were able to capture beautiful moments that would have been otherwise missed if done the day of the ceremony. Here are just a few of my favorites from our session:

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