Best Buddies and Brothers- Family Photographer West Hartford, CT

I had a session a couple of weeks back with a family I have known for many years now. My daughter and their eldest son used to play together when they were little babies! I had such a fun time photographing their two adorable little boys. They are truly brothers in every way….one minute putting each other into headlocks and the next minute laughing hysterically and having a great time with one another. They will no doubt be best buddies for life. Check out how super adorable they are with some of my favorite shots from our session:-)

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The Cutest Little Boy and His Parents at the Park- West Hartford Family Photographer

Recently, I met with a really sweet family to shoot some photos of their one year old son and to get some family shots as well. Their little boy was absolutely bubbling with awesome personality, even at his young age. He was full of smiles, curiosity, and all kinds of other cuteness. I think I smiled for the entire time I edited this session. Just can’t get enough of how cute this little boy was! Here are a few of my favorites from our session:

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Mother Daughter Session and the Perfect Props- Children’s Portrait Photographer West Hartford, CT

This session is such a perfect example of how to best plan for a session with a young toddler. This mama was perfectly prepared in every way. She had tiny snacks that don’t show in the child’s mouth when chewing(Cheerios, Gerber Puffs, etc)….she had her daughter’s favorite board book…she brought a cherished stuffed animal…it was PERFECTLY planned!! And I can tell you that we needed each and every one of those items. When crankiness set in, there was a fantastic line up of distractions that we could use that would not ruin the photos. If a client brings along a brightly colored toy that they do not want in the photos, I can guarantee that it will cause problems when they show it to the child, but then don’t let them hold onto it. But when you plan to bring along something that has significance to the child at this moment in time…a beloved book, toy, etc…then having it in the photos is not only okay, but it makes the photos even better. I loved how I got to capture the moment where little C became completely immersed in “reading” her board book. My daughter loved books at that age too and one of my all time favorite photos of her was taken when she was laying on the floor looking intensely at her favorite book. So I love that I was able to catch that in this session.

My very favorite photos from this session though were when her mom brought out her stuffed doggie. Her reaction to seeing this dog was absolutely priceless! So if you are the parent of a baby/toddler and want to be best prepared for your session, remember to come prepared with items like these. They may not only save the day, but may also lead to a photo that you will cherish forever. Here are a few favorites from our session:

kathryndeane-1 kathryndeane-2 kathryndeane-3 kathryndeane-4 kathryndeane-5 kathryndeane-6 kathryndeane-7 kathryndeane-8 kathryndeane-9 kathryndeane-10 kathryndeane-11


Mama’s Little Boy:-) Family Portrait Photographer- West Hartford, CT

I always love having sessions with one of “my families” as I call them….they are the clients that I meet for the first time for a newborn or maternity session and then together we begin the journey of documenting their family as it grows and changes. We plan photo sessions for all the important events…when the baby starts smiling, sitting up, or walking for the first time. We meet for birthday sessions and fall portrait sessions so they can make their holiday cards. I’ve been with them during those first few exciting and sleepless days of the newborn stage when their lives have just changed in the most amazing, yet overwhelming, way possible. I know all about how their pregnancies went, what their birth stories are, and how the postpartum roller coaster is affecting their lives. I have been there to document the toddler days with the wild mood swings ranging from laughter and smiles to tears and meltdowns. Then we start all over again when the next baby is born! And I look forward to the days when eventually I am shooting their child’s senior portraits and ¬†graduations as well.

There is a beauty to this type of relationship and I can think of very few professions in which you can develop something like this with your clients. It is one of the many things I love about what I do. I become really invested in getting to know the family and what they are all about. I get to know what makes for a successful shoot, what they expect, and what the children’s likes and dislikes are. With every session, I learn more and more about them and I find this to be a tremendous gift that enables me to capture the best photos possible. I think it is so important for people to seek out a professional photographer who is technically skilled, but I also think it is even more critical to find someone who you feel comfortable with as well. Someone who puts you at ease and reminds you regularly that even if it seems like your children are not cooperating (which most parents do feel, including myself when I shoot photos of my own little girl!), that the photos will be beautiful anyway and that sometimes the imperfection leads to an even more perfect photo than any of us could have planned or imagined.

So last weekend, I had the opportunity to shoot with one of “my families” at Elizabeth Park to capture some great family photos and document their little boy’s new skill of walking. As most shoots are with toddlers, it had everything from the most adorable of laughs to the saddest of tears. And though I am not including any crying shots in my top picks for this session, I will most certainly put them into their gallery. And I can tell you without hesitation that they will love those shots as well. Because these moments are so real and represent all of the beautiful sides of what parenting a toddler is all about. For today, I am just going to show you some of my favorite, tear-free shots from our session. Here are my top picks…

kathryndeane-1 kathryndeane-2 kathryndeane-3 kathryndeane-4 kathryndeane-5 kathryndeane-6 kathryndeane-7 kathryndeane-8 kathryndeane-9 kathryndeane-10 kathryndeane-11 kathryndeane-12In the next photo, I was shooting some father son shots, but our little man was giving me all serious, no smiles at all. Until suddenly, he saw his mama walking back to us in the park after having run back to their car for a minute. The following shows his response to catching sight of her. Easily, one of my favorite moments in our session. A perfect example of how perfection is born from a completely imperfect moment. Love it!kathryndeane-13 kathryndeane-14 kathryndeane-15

Winter Family Photo Session- Family Photographer West Hartford, CT

Happy New Year!! It is 2013 and I am back from my holiday blogging break. Thank you to all of my clients who so patiently waited for their full galleries and did not get to enjoy the standard blog post sneak peak of their session beforehand. I hope to get caught up before my January sessions get rolling so that I can post at least a few of the sessions I’ve missed over the past few months. Thank you again also to all of the amazing families I was so blessed to have worked with in 2012. You have all been so much fun to photograph and I absolutely LOVED getting all of your holiday cards in the mail last month and seeing the beautiful cards you made with your Kathryn Deane Photography photos. They were all so great!

So now on to the current times, here is a sneak peak from my official last session of 2012. We decided to brave the 30 degree weather last Saturday and head over to Elizabeth Park for a beautiful winter family session. This group was one of the bravest families ever and were even willing to shed their coats, hats, and mittens for several of their shots!! I was truly impressed. So I did my part and shot this in record breaking time so that no one turned into a popsicle while we were out there. At the end of the day, I have to say that there is just something magical about winter photos. I love shooting when there is snow on the ground. I know most people shy away from the idea of an outdoor, winter session. But I have to tell you that it is really not as bad as you would imagine and in the end, you will have unique, gorgeous photos of your family surrounded by beautiful white snow:-) What could be better than that?!

Here are a few of my favorites from the session:

kathryndeane-1 kathryndeane-2 kathryndeane-3 kathryndeane-4 kathryndeane-5 kathryndeane-6 kathryndeane-7 kathryndeane-8 kathryndeane-9 kathryndeane-10 kathryndeane-11 kathryndeane-12

Family Session at Elizabeth Park- Family Photographer West Hartford, CT

As I sat down to write this post today, I realized that this will most likely be one of my last family session posts until the winter! Of course, I still have some other events and senior portrait sessions coming up that I will still blog about, but it is generally my policy to stop posting previews of my family/child sessions from October through to the New Year. Since most of my sessions in the fall are holiday card/gift related, I like to keep the photos secret until they are unveiled by the family members themselves. Since most of my clients send me a holiday card in the mail as well, I know when it is officially “safe” to post their photos. But until then, I try my very best to keep their photos top secret:-) Now this is actually not something that any client has ever specifically asked me to do. ¬†However, I know that when I send out my holiday cards each year, there is no way that I want to use a photo that every single one of my family members and friends on Facebook have already seen and given a thumbs up to. Instead, I’d rather they open up that envelope and have that photo of my daughter and our dog bring an immediate smile to their faces. I LOVE getting those photo cards each year from all of our friends and family. I love seeing how much each family has grown and changed in the past year. It is the one month out of the entire year that I actually look forward to going to my mailbox each and every day. So I will be saving any holiday photo related session posts until after the holidays are over. Last year, I used the slow, cold days of January and February to get caught up on my holiday posts, so this year will be the same. The only one big difference is that this year, I will have a brand new blog to post the photos to! I am both excited and a little nervous about making the switch, since I really love and am comfortable with my original WordPress blog. But I have filled this site to capacity…literally, they warn me constantly about how I have just about reached my storage limit! So onward to a big, better, fancier blog for 2013.

Okay, so enough of my holiday photo/card talk….and on to the lovely K family! We met up in Elizabeth Park the weekend before last for a fun, family portrait session. They have two adorable little girls who were full of energy and definitely kept me on my toes! I let the older of the two girls help me choose the spots where we would shoot our photos and I think she did a fabulous job:-) Here are some of my favorite shots from our session:

Sometimes I just like to sit back and let the silliness unfold…This approach almost always pays off. Could these next two shots be any cuter?At one point, the girls just wanted to look at the ducks in the pond. I love this shot of the family doing just that…


Family Photos in Elizabeth Park- Family Photographer West Hartford, CT

A couple of weeks ago, I met with a beautiful family of three: a mom, dad, and their sweet little one year old daughter for a family session in Elizabeth Park. We planned on a pre-sunset session in the park to capture that beautiful late evening light, but for some reason we all completely forgot that our time frame encompassed the ever dreaded witching hour. Now I know that all you moms who are reading this right now are nodding your heads in complete understanding. For those of you who are not familiar, the witching hour is a phenomenon that occurs with children that are roughly between the ages of 1 and 3 years old. It hits sometime between 5 and 7pm and turns your sweet little cherub into a bundle of raw emotion. They will laugh one second and wail hysterically a moment later. They will be dancing happily and then break into a tantrum for no clear reason. It happens to us all. And it can be a real bummer when you are in the middle of family photos!

So my clients did what all the best parents in the world do, they sang silly songs, showered their little one with tasty snacks, wiped away the tears when they came, and most importantly….they did whatever it took to make her laugh. And oh my, did they ever make her laugh! Apparently, the key to her happiness did not lie in snacks (well, not for more than a few seconds really), songs, or favorite toys. Nope. The key to her contentment was in being allowed to poke her finger into her parents mouths and touch their teeth. Yup, that is what they endured to get their little munchkin smiling and giggling for the camera. But I think you will agree that it was all worth it when you see the adorable moments we were able to capture in this session. Thank you again to the S family for patiently waiting for your sneak peak until after I returned from vacation. I think you will be thrilled to see how adorable they came out:-) Here are my favorites from the session:


The next shot gives you a little taste of the mouth probe that here mom & dad both had to endure in this session….


You may ask yourself, was it worth it? And the answer is….just take a look at the next shot!