Mama’s Little Boy:-) Family Portrait Photographer- West Hartford, CT

I always love having sessions with one of “my families” as I call them….they are the clients that I meet for the first time for a newborn or maternity session and then together we begin the journey of documenting their family as it grows and changes. We plan photo sessions for all the important events…when the baby starts smiling, sitting up, or walking for the first time. We meet for birthday sessions and fall portrait sessions so they can make their holiday cards. I’ve been with them during those first few exciting and sleepless days of the newborn stage when their lives have just changed in the most amazing, yet overwhelming, way possible. I know all about how their pregnancies went, what their birth stories are, and how the postpartum roller coaster is affecting their lives. I have been there to document the toddler days with the wild mood swings ranging from laughter and smiles to tears and meltdowns. Then we start all over again when the next baby is born! And I look forward to the days when eventually I am shooting their child’s senior portraits and  graduations as well.

There is a beauty to this type of relationship and I can think of very few professions in which you can develop something like this with your clients. It is one of the many things I love about what I do. I become really invested in getting to know the family and what they are all about. I get to know what makes for a successful shoot, what they expect, and what the children’s likes and dislikes are. With every session, I learn more and more about them and I find this to be a tremendous gift that enables me to capture the best photos possible. I think it is so important for people to seek out a professional photographer who is technically skilled, but I also think it is even more critical to find someone who you feel comfortable with as well. Someone who puts you at ease and reminds you regularly that even if it seems like your children are not cooperating (which most parents do feel, including myself when I shoot photos of my own little girl!), that the photos will be beautiful anyway and that sometimes the imperfection leads to an even more perfect photo than any of us could have planned or imagined.

So last weekend, I had the opportunity to shoot with one of “my families” at Elizabeth Park to capture some great family photos and document their little boy’s new skill of walking. As most shoots are with toddlers, it had everything from the most adorable of laughs to the saddest of tears. And though I am not including any crying shots in my top picks for this session, I will most certainly put them into their gallery. And I can tell you without hesitation that they will love those shots as well. Because these moments are so real and represent all of the beautiful sides of what parenting a toddler is all about. For today, I am just going to show you some of my favorite, tear-free shots from our session. Here are my top picks…

kathryndeane-1 kathryndeane-2 kathryndeane-3 kathryndeane-4 kathryndeane-5 kathryndeane-6 kathryndeane-7 kathryndeane-8 kathryndeane-9 kathryndeane-10 kathryndeane-11 kathryndeane-12In the next photo, I was shooting some father son shots, but our little man was giving me all serious, no smiles at all. Until suddenly, he saw his mama walking back to us in the park after having run back to their car for a minute. The following shows his response to catching sight of her. Easily, one of my favorite moments in our session. A perfect example of how perfection is born from a completely imperfect moment. Love it!kathryndeane-13 kathryndeane-14 kathryndeane-15


Toddler Photo Session at the Farm- Child Photographer West Hartford, CT

I have shot a few of my holiday sessions recently at Westmoor Park in West Hartford. It is a great little spot tucked away from all of the hustle and bustle of our big town, where you can take your kids to visit  a small farm with real farm animals. It’s a very popular destination for parents with small children as there is nothing more entertaining to little ones than animals, especially ones that make great sounds. The little one in these photos was very eager to show off her animal sound skills throughout our session. She could not get enough of the moos, baas, and all the other great sounds at the farm. You can tell just by looking at her face in many of my shots that she is mooing away with the cows. It was so adorable! Here are some of my favorite shots from our sunset session at the farm:

Go Irish!! Family Photographer West Hartford and Farmington, CT

Well, the timing couldn’t be any better to post the photos of the Notre Dame alum family that I shot last weekend. My husband is a Notre Dame alum himself, so I fully understand the intense amount of excitement that is bubbling over amongst fans and alumni this football season. These are some serious fans and they LOOOOOOOVE their football team! So I was very excited when I noticed the ND symbols on the guys’ shirts. I’m sure that they are also beyond excited this week about their team heading off to the national championship game, so congrats to the M family on your team’s big win….oh, and here are some of my favorite shots from your session last weekend. Enjoy!!

 They were just cracking themselves up whenever I told them to look at each other. It was too funny! I just had to share this because it is one of my favorite genuine laughter shots ever:-)

 This is based on a shot that the kids took when they were much younger. We decided to attempt to re-create it in 2012. They were both very good sports about it and the photo came out perfect!

 The following shot came from a totally spontaneous moment where the littlest M just snuggled into her mom and said, ” I love you, Mom”…..oh….my….goodness….I could cry just thinking about it. That’s how sweet it was:-)




Say Goodbye to Connecticut Session- Portrait Photographer West Hartford, CT

The couple featured in this blog post called me to book a session so that they could take some photos with the New England fall foliage to celebrate their last autumn season in Connecticut before they move next year. Unfortunately, Hurricane Sandy snatched away all of our leaves early this year. But it almost didn’t even matter because the weather, the light, and the beautiful background made for the perfect setting for a fall photo shoot, leaves or no leaves. Here are a few of my favorites from our session:

Out and About Mom Photo Session- Website/Blog Photography West Hartford, CT

A couple of weeks ago, I met up with the fabulous bloggers behind Out and About Mom and their families for a fun photo session to update their photos and polish their look for their blog site. Out and About Mom is a blog that tracks all of the day trips and activities that two Connecticut moms do with their young children. These ladies have visited an astounding number of places and have noted not only what the experience was like, but also great little details like whether or not you can take in strollers and other helpful facts. When I first saw their blog, I thought it was an absolutely genius idea and only wish that I had such an awesome resource to refer to when my daughter was so little. Shawna and Mandy are from the Glastonbury/West Hartford area, but have not limited themselves to just these two towns. They are an adventurous duo who have traveled to numerous towns throughout the state in their mission to create great memories with their little ones. Luckily for all of us, they generously share all their experience and wisdom regularly through their blog.

When we met up in Farmington for our session, we quickly plotted out our hour of shooting time and got to work with individual portraits, group shots, family photos, and even some maternity shots as well! It was like we did 4 sessions in one that day! But it was tons of fun and I am so excited about the results of this session. Thanks again to Shawna and Mandy for trusting my  vision for their photos and being willing to track down color coordinating outfits for so many family members and themselves as well. No small task, I promise you!

Here are a few of my favorite shots from the session:

The next two shots show a really cute and creative idea that the OAAM bloggers came up with. They posed in a dozen different ways with blank white poster board and they plan to use these on their blog as a fun way to post little ideas, announcements, etc. With a little Photoshop text tool, you can write whatever you want on the posters. Here is a little sample that I came up with to demonstrate how the photos will work on their blog, but with a little self promotion for Kathryn Deane Photography mixed in for fun 🙂

The following photo may be a Kathryn Deane Photography first because I have actually come out from behind my camera to pose for a shot with Shawna and Mandy. I am so excited to be building this great partnership with these two fantastic women and I look forward to working with them again in the near future:-)

And if you haven’t already, please check out Shawna and Mandy’s blog at


Roses and a Sister Portrait Session in Elizabeth Park- Child Photography West Hartford, CT

One of my favorite places to visit each year is Elizabeth Park in June. I have been taking my daughter there every year since she was born and taking photos of her in the park when all of the roses are in bloom. You just can’t find a more beautiful, peaceful place. I love it. So it is no surprise that I am always encouraging friends and clients to book their summer sessions in the park, whenever possible. I had my first session of the season there a couple of weeks ago when I met up with some very good friends in the park to shoot portraits of their daughters at sunset. For those of you who have never been to the park, I’ve included a few photos of the park and the roses to give you an idea of what it is like and then following those are some of my favorites from our session. Enjoy!

Family Session at the Springfield Quadrangle- Family Photographer West Hartford, CT

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to shoot a fantastic family of five up in Massachusetts at the Springfield Quadrangle. If you haven’t been, this quadrangle has a great little courtyard area that sits in the middle of several museums in downtown Springfield. One of the highlights of this location is their series of Dr. Seuss sculptures based on the characters from his most popular stories. It is a fun place to visit with children, so we thought it might be a nice backdrop for some fun family photos. Despite the on and off drizzle, we got some terrific shots that I am excited to share in this post today. Here are a few of my top picks from the session: