First Birthday Cake Smash- West Hartford, CT Baby Photographer

I recently shot a very fun cake smash/first birthday session with one of my regular clients and we had so much fun capturing this awesome milestone for their family. He DEFINITELY enjoyed his cake! Here are some of my favorite shots from our most recent session…


Kathryn Deane Photography Studio- First Newborn Session 2013- Newborn Photographer in West Hartford, CT

I am so excited to share this post with all of my readers, clients, and future clients. For quite some time now, I have be contemplating the idea of creating a natural light studio in my home. I have a spare room that gets beautiful light, particularly in the afternoon, just sitting there…..empty….waiting….Waiting for what, you might be asking yourself. Well, the truth is that I am one of those overly cautious, incredibly practical people. The kind of person that has to think through, research, plan, and rethink EVERY single decision I make before I am really ready to go for it. This is all a result of a combination of things:

#1) If I am going to do something, I want to do it really well. This perfectionistic tendency can be both a blessing and a curse. It is what brought me my greatest successes, yet has held me back in a zillion different ways over the years. Perfectionism is tricky like that!

#2) I am a super cautious person, always have been since I was little. I’ve never been much of a risk taker, so trying new things can be sometimes a daunting task for me.

#3) I often suffer from severe “buyer’s remorse”…..this can be evidenced by the stack of return receipts my poor husband is forced to sift through each month when the credit card bills come. He has often suggested that I should just bring the items I buy straight to the customer service desk and return them before I leave the store so that I won’t have to make the trip back. Sadly, he is probably right!

So when the idea of building a studio came to mind, I immediately started thinking….and thinking….and thinking some more. There was so much to plan, buy, and do to get this space ready. I wanted it to be perfect with just the right curtains, the perfect white couch, floor to ceiling reflectors, amazing new props for the babies, etc, etc, etc. Then I would need a home office where I could display my work, have a nice space where I can edit, some space for client meetings, etc. I knew right away that this was going to take time, money, and most importantly, decisions. So I decided to wait just a little longer….

Two years have passed since I built my house and up until last week, that beautiful little studio room has been quiet and virtually empty. Until it happened… of my clients inspired me to take the leap! Her baby came way before his due date and spent some time in the NICU after he was born. We put off the newborn shoot for over a month in order to let him grow a bit and get stronger. When we finally tried to schedule our session, we realized we had a problem because her husband was already done with his paternity leave and was not able to do a session until after 4:30pm during the week. My weekends were already completely booked up and I needed to be home in the later afternoons for my daughter when she gets home from school. So we were kind of stuck. Until I thought of it…..the studio. It was there, just waiting for this moment to release it from the shackles of my indecisiveness and pesky perfectionism. I offered it up to my client as an option. Luckily, she decided that would be the perfect solution. And so with a solid helping of imperfection (my window sheers were thumbtacked to the windows…..seriously, I’m not even joking), Kathryn Deane Photography had its first official newborn session in the new natural light home studio!!!

This space is raw right now. Not at all ready in the ways I know it can, and will, be. But I have to say that I am ecstatic about the results so far. The light is beautiful! And once I have put in the things I need to make it “perfect”, then I think that I will have the space that I have always dreamed of having for my newborns and babies. I can’t wait to show you these first photos to give you an idea of the potential this place has. So without further delay, here are the first newborn photos shot at KDP Studio in West Hartford:-)

kathryndeane-1 kathryndeane-2 kathryndeane-3 kathryndeane-4 kathryndeane-5 kathryndeane-6 kathryndeane-7 kathryndeane-8 kathryndeane-9 kathryndeane-10