Adorable Twin Girls in Old Wethersfield Center- Family Photographer Wethersfield, CT

About a week and a half ago, I met up with this beautiful family of four to get some family shots and portraits of the twins as well. We shot the session in downtown Old Wethersfield, which was a really great place for a photo session. Twin toddlers can be a bit more challenging to photograph because like all toddlers, they really have no interest in sitting down for even a second and have even less interest in looking at the camera and smiling on cue:-) So when shooting a session with multiple toddlers, it is so important to remain completely flexible and open to letting the shoot unfold as naturally as possible. And that is exactly what we did. I really love the results of this approach because the photos are so genuine and are such a perfect reflection of the girls and the stage they are in now. They are just full of energy and curiosity at this point and I love how these shots really show that.

Here are a few of my favorites from our session:

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Family Session at the Cove- Wethersfield Family Photographer



Okay, so maybe one more post until I start being 100% secret with holiday photos….actually, I have been asking each of my clients if they want to keep their photos private until after their cards go out and I actually came across a family last weekend who said that it was absolutely okay for me to share, so here they are! The fabulous L family with their four gorgeous children, who were an absolute dream to photograph. I am not kidding when I tell you that these children ranked among the top 2 best behaved families that I have ever worked with. So this photo shoot was not only a total breeze (I didn’t even break a sweat once!), but it was also the first time I ever visited or shot at the Wethersfield Cove. It is a lovely place and the perfect spot for a family photo session. Here are a few of my favorites from this session:

I loved how in this last shot, the children just so happened to be filing out onto the pier as I was shooting photos of their parents. Not at all a planned thing, just a happy coincidence:-)